Calculate your data allowance in the EU

For more data usage we recommend buying a local SIM card and a mobile hotspot  or an inexpensive 4G/LTE smartphone

How to use the calculator:

  1. Choose from contract plan or prepaid sim card.
    Are you paying a monthy rate? = Contract
    Do you have to refill your account before using it? = prepaid.
    If you use prepaid with monthly addons or packages, you select contract. (example EUR 9 for 2GB data for 30 days)
  2. Enter your monthly basic service fee with your phone operator.
    Including VAT (value added tax)
    Excluding any special fees (netflix, spotify)
    Excluding fees that are not included in your basic service fee (foreign calls, etc)
  3. Select the country where the SIM-card / your phone plan has been registered.
    This is needed to substract the domestic VAT. Substraction will be done automatically by this calculator once you select the country.
  4. Select the year you will be travelling.
    This is needed because the calculation is based on wholesale prices which will change between 2017-2022.
  5. Thats it! You will see you travelling allowance.
    (If the data amount is more than the amout with your domestic plan, the domestic data amout will apply!)

Note: Completeness of the information and data provided in the given cases and examples is excluded. Data based on EU press releases.

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