Roaming surcharges within the European Union ended on 15 June 2017. From this day on – EU announced – European customers can call, text and use mobile data for the same cost at home and while travelling in another EU country.


In most cases you will not get all of your domestic data allowance while travelling the EU. The effective abroad data amout is based on your monthly phone bill. And you may use the “roam like at home” service for about 4 month in year.*
Example: Your phone plan in Germany includes 500min/sms and 10 GB for EUR 20, you may use about 4.3 GB abroad (not 10!)

With the calculator on this website you can figure out your actual data allowance while travelling the EU. If you pass your EU allowance, surcharges apply. See below.

* If a user remains over a 4 month period outside of the country where the SIM card was issued, operators can ask the user to clarify the situation within 14 days and start charging following surcharges afterwards (excl. tax):
Maximum €0.032 per minute of voice call
Maximum €0.01 per SMS
Maximum €7.7 per GB of data*